Food SafetyNovember 4, 2021by Gillian Van Someren-Hurley0Validation and verification are they the same?

The answer is no and these terms are often used inaccurately.

Validation is the action taken by a food business to confirm that the control measures are effective in controlling the identified hazard. For example cooking food to a temperature of 75 degrees C will kill pathogenic bacteria. Validation of this temperature is based on legislation, scientific journals and other data that supports this control. Validation is conducted prior to the implementation of the food safety program.

Verification is the action taken by the business to confirm that the practices and procedures that have been implemented are actually happening. For example reviewing the cooking records to ensure that hazardous food has been cooked to the required temperature of 75 degrees C, or observing whether the food handlers are practising good hygiene, or checking that contractors have performed the work they were engaged to do. Verification is conducted after the food safety program has been implemented.


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