FeedSafe Audits


FeedSafe Audits

FeedSafe® is the quality program for Australian animal feed manufacturing.

FeedSafe® requires feed manufacturers to meet minimum standards in relation to:

  • Premises and mill buildings
  • Personnel training and qualifications
  • Plant and equipment
  • Raw material sourcing and purchasing
  • Raw material quality and storage
  • Feed formulation and manufacturing
  • Product labelling
  • Loading, transport and delivery to clients
  • Product inspection, sampling and testing
  • Customer compliant investigation and recall

If you are considering obtaining FeedSafe® accreditation the first contact would be the Stock Feed Manufacturers Council of Australia (SFMCA). They will guide you through the requirements of compliance.


Once you are prepared to undergo an audit you should contact an accredited auditor and schedule an audit. Once accredited, feed manufacturers are required to undergo annual site audits which includes review of the HACCP program and relevant documentation together with a site inspection.

Gillian is an associate member of the Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia and is an accredited National Food Safety Auditor, Level 4 High-Risk with the following two (2) scopes relating to animal feeds: Animal Feeds (Farm Produced) and Animal Feeds (Millers and Manufacturers).

Please contact Gillian directly to discuss your requirements, audits can be conducted in all Australian states and territories.