Safe Food Australia conducts HACCP audits for a range of businesses including small manufacturers, catering businesses, seafood wholesalers and cold storage facilities.

Businesses are often requested to implement a HACCP food safety plan to demonstrate food safety commitment and compliance to both customers and suppliers. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and is an internationally recognised system to help identify and control food safety hazards that may occur within a food business.

Before the implementation of the HACCP system, the food business should have a good understanding of the rules of HACCP, if necessary engage a food consultant who has experience with HACCP systems. It is recommended that training in the Principles and Application of HACCP be undertaken by at least one member of the HACCP team. There are various organisations that offer this training which include face to face or online versions.


The Code of Practice, General Principles of Food Hygiene (CXC 1-1969) was updated in September 2020, download the latest version here:

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Our food auditors are accredited through Exemplar Global, NFSA Level 4 High Risk with a wide range of industry scopes including cook chill, prepared meals, food service operations (meals for vulnerable populations), fruit and vegetable processing, bakery operations, animal feeds, extensive agricultural operations, food transport and warehousing, intensive horticulture and dairy farm operations.

Gillian is also certified as a HACCP Practitioner through Exemplar Global.