B-TRACE Audits


B-TRACE Audits

B-TRACE is the Australian Honey Industry owned quality assurance and food handling program designed for small enterprise beekeepers selling direct to the public.

It allows smaller beekeepers to maintain readily available hive record information that satisfies the requirements of the National Biosecurity Code of Practice including extracting and product records that are also required by legislation. A specially designed hive management web app has been developed to assist members with this recordkeeping.

The B-TRACE program is intended for small semi commercial and recreational beekeepers who sell to:

  • Farmers markets
  • Direct to consumers
  • Food stalls
  • Boutique shops, such as bakeries, fruit and vegetable retailers, delicatessens, restaurants and similar outlets

B-TRACE is an online desk audit program whereby members must undertake a desk audit once every twelve (12) months. This audit gives verifiable proof that the honey and honey products  have been produced to high industry standards and offers consumers peace of mind and provenance of their honey bee product purchases.

Safe Food Australia conduct these desk audits on behalf of B-TRACE AUSTRALIA.

Go to www.btrace.com.au for further information.