Food SafetyNovember 4, 2021by Gillian Van Someren-Hurley0Cleaning and sanitising

How clean is your kitchen and would it pass an audit?

Effective cleaning of your food business helps to protect your staff and customers/consumers/residents against the spread of bacteria that can cause food poisoning. It also discourages pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches from entering the kitchen and food storage areas.

Cleaning and sanitising are different processes, both are needed to reduce the risks of foodborne illness.

Cleaning involves the removal of dirt, grease and food debris. Sanitising is a process that destroys disease causing bacteria, sanitising should be conducted after the surface has been cleaned.

Cleaning and sanitising in a food business is a legal requirement. Staff should be trained and understand the difference between these two (2) practices and how to conduct effective cleaning and sanitisation.

Auditors will look up and under, how effective are your practices?



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